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Thread: Blade injecting Ticking noise into camera audio

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    Blade injecting Ticking noise into camera audio

    my new blade is injecting a ticking noise into the audio. a sort of tick like a clock every 2 sec or so.
    it shows up in the recording on the drive as well as on the tape in the camera.
    after some experimentation it appears to be only when the blade is powered by the DTap adapter.
    with the battery it seems clean. another strange thing..when you plug a mike and cable into the camera
    it gets stronger almost as if it's acting like an antenna for some RF. anyone else have this?

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    On the battery page of your samurai blade you should find a D-Tap option, turn this on and it will stop monitoring voltage of the 2nd battery which can cause "ticking noise" problems with some devices sharing a common power source.

    The Samurai Blade will still fall back to the 2nd battery when the primary is lost but should resolve the audio issue

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